~ Anastasia in the Dominican Republic is our Spanish Minister! Anastasia came to RMI just as all of us, and today she also has a ❤️‍🩹 RESTORED Marriage. Now, she uses the talents that He gave her, to encourage and help the Spanish-speaking ladies around the world to find the Love that they need and to never give up and continue to walk on the narrow road. Follow #Anastasia

Anastasia is Level 4 RPM "Registered Practicing Minister" and instructor at RMIOU.

Be sure to read her ❤️‍🩹 Restored Marriage Testimony, "He blessed me with His Great Love" using the Translator >> 

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  1. ESP Vlog Encouraging Women This is the Vlog “El Animador” on Anastasia’s youtube channel.
  2. ESP WW VideoBook This is the Spanish VideoBook Wise Woman on Anastasia’s youtube channel.
  3. RMT Video This is a video about Restored Marriages on Anastasia’s youtube channel.

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Please check Anastasia´s Calendar to see her open zoom meeting as Spanish Branch Director and the Spanish Ministering Pastor to receive Brides or even check on her available times to schedule your own private meeting.

Anastasia's office is located in Santiago Rodríguez, Dominican Republic.

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