Atarah in South Africa is RMI's Evangelist Branch Director. Atarah has shared her Restored Marriage Testimony in churches and also on the radio in Cape Town. When she begins to share, God speaks through her and you can hear her anointing. Yet, ever since God led Atarah to RMI in search of "Hope At Last", she has also been filling in the gap between “standers” and was one of the first to truly experience a RESTORED marriage. Prior to Atarah, Erin truly believed that this one group of women coming to us from a Stander's Ministry and the obsession women acquired towards their wayward husbands, was beyond the scope of us providing them help.

Atarah did what no "Stander" before her was able to accomplish, after truly letting go of her EH "earthly husband (who she got along with very well), and embracing her HH, she remarried her husband, and then took an extended Ministry Sabbatical but has since returned to help Yvonne with the Afrikaans Ministry as well as her new position as our Director of Evangelism. Having her here has encouraged us all.

Read Atarah’s RESTORED Marriage Testimony, “Better for Me Then, than Now”!

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Please check Atarah´s Calendar to see her open zoom meeting as the Marriage Ministry Team Director to receive Brides or even check on her available times to schedule your own private meeting.

Atarah's office is located in Richard's Bay, South Africa.

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