Yvonne in our South African Office is RMI's Ministry Director and also our Webmaster Director. Yvonne shares that she eventually felt the aftermath of being raised in a non-Christian home with divorced parents in her own marriage. Her insatiable appetite for God’s Word serves as encouragement and inspiration to us all. Yvonne is also our Afrikaans Branch Director. Yvonne is Level 4 RPM "Registered Practicing Minister" and instructor at RMIOU.

#Yvonne    "Aanmoediger"

Atarah in South Africa is RMI's Evangelist and 💔 Marriage Minister Coordinator.

Adina in South Africa is our RMI's Ministry Coordinator Assistant. 

Mercy in South Africa is currently a Subcontractor working for again in our Translations Team.

Please check Yvonne´s Calendar to see her open zoom meeting as Managing Director to receive Brides or even check on her available times to schedule your own private meeting.

Yvonne's office is located in Pretoria, South Africa.  

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