Adina in South Africa is our RMI's Ministry Coordinator Assistant. She is also  Afrikaans Ministry Assistant. Adina found RMI when the divorce was already filed, she reached a point where she just gave up on her marriage, but God spoke to her, He showed it to her by placing a desire in her heart to believe for restoration. But with Him fighting, not her. Now she is helping women in SA that are suffering, to find the peace and assurance that she found in HIM. Adina is Level 3 MAR "Ministry Attending Resident" at RMIOU
☊ Adina's Audio BIO in English
Adina's Bio in Afrikaans
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Multiple Streams of Income

Please watch my YouTube video to see what I specialize in and where I would love to help you—Please comment below.


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🇿🇦 AFR Pastor

Please check Adina´s Calendar to see her open zoom meeting as Ministry Coordinator Assistant to receive Brides or even check on her available times to schedule your own private meeting.

Adina's office is located in Meyerton, Gauteng, South Afica.

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2 thoughts on “Adina Jacobs 🇿🇦 in South Africa”

  1. Hello Adina, can you SSG with me to discover His perfect plan regarding Ministers and ADMinisters obtaining clients? Yesterday I posted and just now HLM from so I could add YOU.

    *If you are not interested in learning to do your own cover on IOU RADD, consider using one of our RADD IOU Students specializing in RMI Covers!

    We also are moving the BIO synopsis off of the top 2 (Yvonne and I) are done. You is part of the template, but we DO want to reverse this so the PEOPLE are at the top, followed by About the ministry. Here’s an example:
    Finally, this is the About page that’s closest to what we are working towards

  2. Thank you Erin, I will SSG and bookmark this chat. I would love to do more covers AND teaching others.

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