Contact Form on LoveAtLast

He led me toΒ  add a "Contact Us" form on Loveatlast's menu for brides to be able to get in contact if they struggle with their account. I used WPFORMS and I receive the emails in I added it as "User Account Issues" in the menu. SG if I should add it as "Contact Us" rather.

To have a look at the form, please click here: Contact Us -

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2 thoughts on “Contact Form on LoveAtLast”

  1. This is really helpful!!! Thank you for sharing my dear Adina!! There are so many ladies that have issues!!

  2. Thank you for sharing Adina and that you put in on the Afrikaans too, it will be so helpful for ladies that struggle on their profiles and rather leave it because they have no where to report it.
    Like we discussed maybe Contact Us and test it, yes it will open up that we can be contacted on email, but maybe that is a good thing.

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