plant watering

Use and Translate PRN "As needed." TPR ministering quick snippets to build upon.

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⭐️ Dear brides, reading and putting the references first works as a way alert non-believers (the very ones we want to hear God’s Word) to close their ears because β€œthe self-righteous is about to judge them and force their beliefs on them.β€œ

Thank you for allowing me to have the platform to express what burns in my heart so that TOGETHER we can spread God’s Word by and humbly "quote" what God says, giving the destitute a taste of the truth and creating hunger and thirst for Him. ⭐️

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4 thoughts on “Ministering Snippets”

      1. Thank you for teaching me with your wisdom dear Erin, I learn so much and I know I have still a lot to learn.

  1. *Use pamper instead of spoiling*
    From a post Erin had left:
    “Maybe insignificant but once my husband corrected me when I commented on him spoiling me. He said β€œI prefer you think me pampering you.” Of course, he was correct rather than being spoiled like a child, I am pampered like a princess. The same goes for each and every one of his brides”

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