RMI 33 Year Anniversary’s NEW LOGO

My Husband let me have a bit of fun by updating/replacing the 32 years with 33-year anniversary logo on a few websites by clicking through https://restoreministriesinternational.com/ but with a couple, it wasn’t really there on the home page, so He led me to design this one that I am not passing onto all of you LMF. Use LOVE at Last, which appropriately is the LMF of our LOGO DESIGNER, Adina.
I’ll also leave it to someone else to share how to use this amazing plugin, which just so happens to be in RMIOU and what is back OPEN today!!!!

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3 thoughts on “RMI 33 Year Anniversary’s NEW LOGO”

  1. I love the colours especially!! Looks so beautiful!! I’m going to add it to my newsletter. It’s going to look so good πŸ™‚

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