MTA WP Blog Training – WPB1

***Subtitles are available for this video

WPB1-Where to find your submitted post and how to add a New Post

Assignment for WPB1: WPB1/A

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33 thoughts on “MTA WP Blog Training – WPB1”

  1. Hello my dear Hope, you can also start here with us and then move forward with us, MTA is only 3 lessons.

  2. Hello Adina,

    I am doing the assignment for “WPB1-Where to find your submitted post and how to add a New Post” and my dashboard menu does not have any options for me to see my posts. I guess i still don´t have the access as a contributor?

      1. Me too, I have the same issue. My dashboard doesn’t change as well as I register to RMIOUFT and post a praise.

      1. Hello Naomi, I moved you up to MTI=Author, can you please check. There is two accounts for you, so just let me know it the one I changed is the correct one?

  3. Dear Adina
    I can’t accomplish the assignment. I did follow the instructions to post add a new post but it leads to log in in order to prevent spam and I did try to register my email but it wasn’t possible either.
    The error display is: this username is invalid because it uses illegal characters.
    And I tried changing the username but the issue remains.

      1. Dear Adina
        My dashboard doesn’t change. I think I don’t have access as a contributor. May you please help me?

      1. Adina não consegui enviar a tarefa.
        Nao consegui aceder no painel como ver minhas postagen.
        Creio que estou a fazer alguma coisa de errado.
        Não sei o que é (estou triste).
        Nao percebi o wordpress, preciso baixo lo?

        Adina couldn’t submit the assignment.
        I couldn’t access the dashboard to see my posts.
        I think I am doing something wrong.
        I don’t know what it is (I’m sad).
        I didn’t notice the wordpress, do I need to download it?

              1. Já fiz adina. Nao consegui ter acesso as minhas postagens mas sim a Todas publicações. Beijinhos
                I’ve already done adina. I couldn’t get access to my posts but to All posts. Kisses

                1. Yes my dear, once you get to the list of “all posts”, you should be able to see your post in the list.
                  Sim meu caro, uma vez que você chegar à lista de “todos os posts”, você deve ser capaz de ver o seu post na lista.

  4. Entendo.
    Então posso passar para a tarefa 2?
    Desculpe tantas perguntas, eu percebo inglês mas não muito bem. Então eu vou seguindo os seus passos e ver se fiz tudo correto.
    Beijinhos de Portugal

    So can I move on to task 2?
    Sorry so many questions, I understand English but not very well. So I’m going to follow in your footsteps and see if I’ve done everything right.
    Kisses from Portugal

    1. Yes my dear, if you do not have any questions, and you understand what you’ve learned, you can move forward.

      Sim, meu caro, se você não tiver nenhuma dúvida e entender o que aprendeu, pode seguir em frente.

  5. Beste Adina,
    Ik heb ook geen compleet menu op mijn dashboard staan.
    Ik zie alleen de optie ‘Profiel’ staan in het menu. Kan dit aangepast worden?

    Dear Adina,
    I also don’t have a complete menu on my dashboard.
    I only see the ‘Profile’ option in the menu. Can this be adjusted?

      1. Lieve Adina,
        Het menu staat er nu goed op. Dankjewel voor het aanpassen!

        Als ik nu een bericht (lofprijs) wil plaatsen via WP krijg ik een foutmelding wanneer ik op de knop ‘start beaver builder’ druk. De melding die ik krijgt is:
        ‘De editor heeft een onverwachte fout aangetroffen.’
        Ik kan dan niet verder met het invullen van mij lofprijs.
        Weet jij hoe dit opgelost kan worden?

        In reply to Adina Jacobs PM 🇿🇦 💖 .
        Dear Adina,
        The menu is now in good shape. Thank you for customizing!

        Now, when I want to post a message (praise) via WP, I get an error message when I press the ‘start beaver builder’ button. The message I get is:
        “The editor found an unexpected error.”
        I can’t go on filling in my praise.
        Do you know how to fix this?

        1. Dear Hanna, I tried from my side and there was no issues, can you try again please?

          If it still doesn’t work, try the following:
          -After you gave the new post a title, save it as a draft in the top, right hand corner of the screen.
          -Go back to the dashboard and to “All Posts”, then look for your new post.
          -Try accessing Beaver Builder from the options that appear underneath your post title.

          Beste Hanna, ik heb het van mijn kant geprobeerd en er waren geen problemen, kun je het alsjeblieft nog een keer proberen?

          Als het nog steeds niet werkt, probeer dan het volgende:
          -Nadat je het nieuwe bericht een titel hebt gegeven, sla je het op als concept in de rechterbovenhoek van het scherm.
          -Ga terug naar het dashboard en naar “Alle berichten” en zoek vervolgens naar je nieuwe bericht.
          -Probeer toegang te krijgen tot Beaver Builder via de opties die onder de titel van je bericht verschijnen.

          1. Beste Adina,

            Ik heb je advies opgevolgd! op deze manier lukt het me welk op een lofprijs te maken. Dankjewel voor je hulp

    1. Hello Naomi, you were contributer level, but as I shared you have two accounts, so please just check if you can see everything now?

  6. Hola, ¿puedo realizar este curso?, en el tiempo que se publicó, intente hacerlo y al no poder, no pregunte sobre las dudad y lo deje pasar o es mejor esperar a que sea dirigido a nuevas MTA e inciarlo con ellas?.

    Hello, can I take this course?, in the time it was published, try to do it and when you can’t, don’t ask about the doubts and let it go or is it better to wait for it to be directed to new MTAs and start it with them?

    1. My dear Kathleen, you can start with these lessons anytime, there is assignments that you can do and there is space for you to ask questions.
      Mi querida Kathleen, puedes comenzar con estas lecciones en cualquier momento, hay tareas que puedes hacer y hay espacio para que hagas preguntas.

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