Adding HTBB Lessons to new journal form

I want to boast about my weakness again, this time because I forgot to ask to add the HTBB lessons in the new journal form for ESP I am trusting in the Lord for my DOUBLE portion "Instead of your shame you will receive a double portion, and instead of disgrace you will rejoice in your inheritance. And so you will inherit a double portion in your land, and everlasting joy will be yours" I617

Dear Yvonne, could you help me?

This is the title in Spanish: Como ser bendecida

And these are the lesson names in ESP:

Principio #1 "Bendiciones para toda la vida"

Principio #2 "Corriendo sobre y derramándose"

Principio #3 "Flujo de Bendiciones y Unción"

Principio #4 "Lo que hagamos, prosperaremos"

Principio #5 "Falta de nada"

Principio #6 "Aumento del espíritu"

Principio #7 "Trae tu cosecha"

Principio #8 "Carácter del corazón"

Principio #9 "Vivan en las Bendiciones del Señor"

Principio #10 "Nombrarlas una por una"

Principio #11 "Herramientas poderosas para la victoria"

Principio #12 "Sube a un terreno más alto"

Principio #13 "Toma tu trono"

Principio #14 "Ser un Hacedor"

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6 thoughts on “Adding HTBB Lessons to new journal form”

  1. Thank you so much Anastasia❣️ I’ll take advantage of you post and also boast about my weakness, because I guess I missed or messed up things as I see ENG and ESP with the new forms, but PTG is still using the Wufoo ones 🙈🙈

  2. Goodness lots of DOUBLE BLESSINGS how marvelous. Here’s one:

    An opportunity to share what He showed us. This is done by the webmaster correct? Or it may be done by a WPF Instructor (but we’ll leave that until later.)

    Anything you or anyone needs done on a website COMMENT ON THAT PAGE so everything is right where she needs it. BONUS is our lovely webmaster checks websites BEFORE anything else from Flywheel.

    WPF Instructors can also act as tutors OR you can pay them and help them increase their IC INCOME. You’ll soon find this information on each BIO page found on IOU. Yvonne and I will explain more soon. 🤩🤩🤩

    Before leaving OMG 😳 there’s another blessing both of you Anastasia and Paula should absolutely go crazy about Yvonne too I suspect. 💝💝💝

      1. Yes, it’s there. It’s you gaining access as a LMF to FlyWheel, which is an ADM access. We discussed it in our BOD meeting but just need to set you up with a account first and then create both a LMF User account using your real legal name on your LMF agreement, plus a new BNN IOU MTR access.
        No worries if it makes no sense, it will, give Yvonne time to get it all set up with video training.

        1. Thank Erin, Yes. I have made notes on all the videos we made on Thursday and Friday meetings. Now I am able to start delegating and explaining to the ladies so they can go ahead to do what He leads them to do.

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