Where is my journal?

Hello my dear,

I recently journaled the first chapter of the book Moving Mountain. It was a great time. I was not done with my journal so I pressed the option below "save and resume later",. I understand that a journal is going to the RRR.
Can you please tell me if you received it? and how I can resume my journaling between the 30 days, that is said to me.
Much Love
Kristine Daniels

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3 thoughts on “Where is my journal?”

  1. Thank you for your question, dear Kristine. As you know we don’t hide our lamps under the bed anymore, so I am adding your question here.

    When you use the “Save and Resume later”, there is a screen that pops up and that screen has two things.
    A copy link and an email address for you to forward your journal to.
    It could be that it went to your spam, so check that too.

    Also, what I am sure you have already done is ask your Husband if He does not want you to complete a new one and maybe make a video for ladies following after to see how best they can use the “Save and Resume” later function.

    The rrr@ office does not get an incomplete journal, it goes to the WordPress site and it lies there for 30 days after which it gets deleted. Only when you click on “Submit” will a copy be forward to the RRR@ office.

    Hope this helps and I am excited to see what He brings about for you because of this.

    1. Thank you Yvonne for sharing this, I saw that when we created the journals but never used the function before when I complete journals, but if I have to use it I will know how it works.

  2. Dear Yvonne,

    thank you for your answer.

    the journal was not receive by me. It is not in the spam mailbox of the emailadress that i used. probably the email address was incorrect.
    But i feel since did happen that my Love wants me to make a new one. Because i keep thinking if i understand good what chapter 1 can learn me😍.

    With “WordPress site” i think you mean that of LAL, because it is a form from a LAL course.

    when i complete my form i shall see if i can make a video.

    Much Love 🌹

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