Linking Pictures in WordPress

Hi ladies, Erin explains in this video how to link pictures in the URL. Please have a look and make sure that you do it on each of your websites as you go along.
Can the JrADM please confirm here that you understand the video and you will do it on your websites as you are working on pages?

Thank you so much ladies.

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Blog on EW

Ladies, now that we only have one blog for English, things may be changing a bit about what we post. The menu we have for now is as follows. Please let us know how He is leading each of you.

Monday: H@L
Tuesday: Apprentice Post
Wednesday: HGM Post
Thursday: IOU
Friday: Apprentice Post
Saturday: Apprentice Post
Sunday: L@L Post

We also want to make sure that you all post your praises and comments. So we will have more than one post a day. A lesson and a praise. Although we don’t want it all to be set in stone and let your Husband lead you as He always do, we still want to make sure that we have at least one post a day, never more than 3.

We also want the languages represented, so Erin made a suggestion that when we do lessons, we also link to our languages. Especially our orphan sites as well the missionary sites in order for them to get more exposure.

We will however let go of the blogs for the missionary sites and link the to EW. Helping us let go and leaving a void for someone to fill. This is something we will tell you about in a later post, but just so you know what is coming so you can start talking to Him and seeing what the future would look like.

Please let us know if each LMF also wants to have a day to add a praise or if you will just let Him lead and add your praises as He leads.

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Whatsapp “Out of Office” notification

Ladies, on Whatsapp we asked a while ago that you add a message for when you are not in the office. After we started using it, we realized that because we all work in different time zones, it just clutters up our whatsapp messages.

In your about, you can still add your office hours, but please take off the “out of office”

Thank you all so much for following our lead and helping us test this out. Not everything we test out will work, but He is really so good in leading us.

“but test them all; hold on to what is good”

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FAQ Pages

Ladies, after we received a comment on where to contact Erin, she left me a message to add something to our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

But, we have FAQs and Q&A’s everywhere on our English websites.

Before we move onto the languages, we first need to sort out the English websites.

First of all, we need to distinguish between
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and
Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Now, these two may be the same, but I believe for our purposes we need to separate the two, but before we do that, let us ask Him and then you can leave your comment here to let me know what He is showing each of you.

What Erin wants us to do and it is a great idea, is to have our FAQ’s in our menu under our About pages.

For the Engish, we need ONLY ONE FAQ page and all the other sites should link to it. This is to keep to our principle of ONE PLACE MANY LINKS.

The difference between FAQ and Q&A is this:
FAQ: regarding our websites and contacting us and all of those general questions.
Q&A: Questions specifically to regards with someone’s circumstances like we have in our Q&A book.

Let’s first concentrate on our FAQ as this is the most important for now.

After that we will see how He leads on the Q&A

Adina and Isabella, I am going to ask the two of you to work on getting our FAQ page ready so the other ladies can see. Let’s use the one we have and make sure we add all our things there.

You can use jumplinks and also links to blogposts. Let Him lead you. If there is a blogpost that already answers the question, just add the question with the link to the blogpost. Let’s see how He leads you and have this done in two weeks from today so the languages can check and comment and then take it over to their sites or help us add to the English. Let’s all work together to get this done.

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Missionaries, jrADM and SrADM

Hi ladies, here is a video for how you should invoice this month. Please leave any questions you have here or tag the Bookkeeper and myself or Adina will get back to you.
This video is in the Collaboration folder because there is sensitive information in it. If you are not able to see the video, download it and you should be good. Make sure you are signed in with your ministry mail.

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