Linking Pictures in WordPress

Hi ladies, Erin explains in this video how to link pictures in the URL. Please have a look and make sure that you do it on each of your websites as you go along.
Can the JrADM please confirm here that you understand the video and you will do it on your websites as you are working on pages?

Thank you so much ladies.

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WordPress Page – Build it with me

Ladies, I am excited to show you how He has led me to make some changes to our WordPress page on IOU.

Please have a look and let me know what I have not added here please.

Here is the page:

Here are some of the jump links:

Also, ladies to help me with the principles I mentioned on the page, if you know about any videos to link to help solidify the principle or the task, please do so.

If there is not a video and He leads you, please make one so we can bridge them as well.

Anything He shows you, please add it here for us.

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