Media URL in Description

For Media pictures on a WP website, kindly leave the URL in the picture's Description.

Take a moment to do this for another logo— so it's there for whoever uses the picture next.


This is similar to the "Scotland Principle" in Lesson #5NO SELFISH AMBITION. This is the method the UK uses to train their doctors in NHS.

LEARN how to do it by watching this video >

DO it enough times in order to >

TEACH how to do it by recording your own video and > adding it to your YouTube channel in your IOU Playlist.

Please leave your YouTube link in a comment to show you've completed this short lesson and be signed off by an instructor.

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8 thoughts on “Media URL in Description”

    1. Note the instructions:

      Please leave your YouTube link in a comment to show you’ve completed this short lesson and be signed off by an instructor.

    1. What JOY way to wake up to see following the directions? THANK YOU, Marta. What I failed to explain is​ it needs to be YOU showing others HOW and why they should do this themselves.

      Yes, your English was easy to understand, but it would be better to record a YouTube video teaching PTG​ speaking IOU Students.

      So re-record and replace the old with the new.

      I saw this is exactly what you did in

    1. Thank you, Marta. Coaching you is a wonderful opportunity, so let’s agree that what I share here with you finds a permanent location, okay?

      What’s fantastic is I don’t understand Portuguese so it emphasizes the long periods of talking rather than showing you DOING something. 

      Be prepared by having tabs open, like laying out your notes or part of your script—which will prevent pages that don’t open, slow Internet, but also…

      Be sure your example is not outdated. My Beloved Child no longer uses the varied colored balloon page that was announced in an encouraging women praise.  Will you please find it and add the link to your reply comment?

      My video training has a lot to be desired for sure because I’m a coach. And what that means is I’ve coached multiple sports (back in the day) because I knew what to look for and how to explain how to do it. Bonus is often by caring and investing into showing someone He blesses me by helping me do what I’ve told someone to do. 

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