IOU Basic Administrative Training

Before adding your blog post, FIRST:

1) Find the permanent location/webpage on IOU where your training will go.

2) Check you're the AUTHOR

3) Add the correct category

4) Add the correct tag

5) Go back to IOU and add it to the page you have OPENED.


LEARN how to do it by watching this video >

DO it enough times in order to >

TEACH how to do it by recording your own video and > adding it to your YouTube channel in your IOU Playlist.

Leave the link in a comment to show you've completed this short lesson and be signed off by an instructor.

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2 thoughts on “IOU Basic Administrative Training”

  1. Question. I have completed over 7 courses when I combine MM and Ab Life lessons. Should I change to MTI now or wait until I complete the 7 courses of Marriage Minister?

    1. Good question, Hope.
      Moving from the MTA level to the MTI does not require a MM or any certification. It’s calculated by courses completed. 

      So based on update your MTA to MTI and then comment on the letting the Adm know so she can move you up on IOU, TPR, EW, and any other websites you request and provide the link to

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