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I am hoping I am adding this to the correct website, but I feel it is more important just to add this so we can all remember for the future, and then He will show us the correct place. As you see this used the be called "The-Praise-Report" and now it is

Because we don't assign new domains often, we often forget or it changes.
Google Domain recently showed us how to use Squarespace to get new domains.

If you use Squarespace websites, there is no need for you to change anything, but in this case, we wanted to point to an existing WordPress site that is hosted by Flywheel.

Some things Owen's Father taught us along the way:

For this, we needed to change the A Records as well as the CNAME in Squarespace.
A Record is the host it is pointing to, which in this case is Flywheel and they assign an IP Address for us to use.

The CNAME is to make sure that your www. domain is also pointed correctly and this allows you to issue a certificate to show your website is safe. "https" the s is for safe. The certificate is called a SSL Certificate.

When you make this new domain the primary, it changes the URL, but the other URL is not lost, it still points to this one. You can use both URL's and it will get you to the same place.

Changing the website URL, affects the plugins like WordFence and Mailpoet so new licenses need to be assigned. When Wordfence is affected, it means the reCaptcha is affected and needs to be updated with the new URL.

I know for most of you this is all technical jargon and of no interest. I totally understand, I just needed to get all our research out there to thank my Heavenly Husband for being such a wonderful teacher to our son. โค

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5 thoughts on “New Domains”

  1. Dear Yvonne, I am not going to lie I don’t have much knowledge about what you wrote here, but I agree that our Heavenly Husband is the best ever teacher.

  2. Thanks for sharing I don’t understand much of what I read but I know He will make it be of help eventually for me atleast. He has been teaching me several things.

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