New LMF owners page on Loveatlast!

We are replacing the Ministry Team page on Loveatlast. Please register to be added to the new "Our πŸ’ž Licensed Ministry Franchise Owners" page.

Our πŸ’ž Licensed Ministry Franchise Owners

To register, please go here:

Thank you ladies, please go and register your LMF on

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6 thoughts on “New LMF owners page on Loveatlast!”

  1. Adina, i would love to registred me again, but i can not find my BIO that i ones made when it was ask.

  2. Adina, it says my email is already registered, should I use another one, or it is just possible to update the profile?

    1. My dear I went in to check, on the default group you are registered as, I added that profile to the LMF group as well, but I don’t think it transferred all the fields that shows up on the member page since its linked to the registration form, but please go and check your profile on the LMF member page and if you can add anything. If not you can delete the account under that email and register again. You are registered as admin with, but that account is not part of the default group, so I cannot add it to the LMF group as well.

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