Our W@H/PM Fellowship on May!!

My sweet ladies, we are really excited to share how the LordΒ΄s is leading our Ministries of HGM and L@L!! We have been seeking the Lord because we want to reach families and help them to experience the Abundant Life He offers, while they are at home!!

We are aware that our Beloved is working on a lot on our hearts and bringing us home!! So we want to reach to the ladies that wants to be a W@H but donΒ΄t know where to start!! And because when we first come here fear plague us, we also want to direct them to Him, breaking free form the Poverty Mentality!!
We will study first a chapter from W@H, and then move to one of the PM!!

We will offer a Newsletter with the info, and we have the group, page and form set up!!!

Please join us and let experience His love, care and provision always!!

W@H/PM Group Members 🏑: https://homegrownministries.com/wh-group-members/

W@H/PM Group Registration πŸ’»: https://homegrownministries.com/wh-group-registration/

W@H / PM Zoom Fellowship 🏑: https://homegrownministries.com/hp/ww4hp/wh-pm-zoom-fellowship/

Our first Fellowship will be held on May 4th at 6:00pm SAST time!!

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