RMT “404 page not found”

Hello dear LMFs,

I would like to share this thing to fix our web pages. Thanks to my Beloved Husband, a woman commented on C1 web page because some pages of RMTs from HopeAtLast weren't working well. When click on RMT links show us "404 page not found" When I checked we had different links as you can see in the next example:

WRONG LINK: https://hopeatlast.com/movec1/d1-chapter-1-my-beloved/holding-me-during-every-moment-i-fell/

CORRECT LINK: https://hopeatlast.com/c1/d1-chapter-1-my-beloved/holding-me-during-every-moment-i-fell/

Just the word "move" in the wrong link broke the bridge. It comes from the time when the C1 was hiding in the H@L webpage. Just check yours and be sure that all your RMT Links work well πŸ™‚


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