MTI WP Blog Training – WPB4

**This lesson is for MTIΒ =Β Author, if you are currently on MTI level, please let me know if I must move you up to "Author".

Part 1: Adding tags and categories to your post and changing post layout to default.

Part 2: Why tags and categories are useful and how to use them.

***Subtitles are available for this video

Assignment: WPB4/A

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10 thoughts on “MTI WP Blog Training – WPB4”

  1. Thank you Adina.
    I just want to make sure, when we add a tag, must it be with #?

    1. My dear Lessyane, to move up to MTI you need to complete any 7 courses (journal through the courses) and complete the MTA and MTI ministry commitment lessons that you can find in your portfolio.

      Minha querida Lessyane, para subir para MTI vocΓͺ precisa completar quaisquer 7 cursos (diΓ‘rio atravΓ©s dos cursos) e completar as liçáes de compromisso do ministΓ©rio MTA e MTI que vocΓͺ pode encontrar em seu portfΓ³lio.

  2. Hello my dear Adina,

    Recently I have been experiencing this with every post created in the DUT blog. WP itself selected the Moving Mountains category. Even though I uncheck the category and update the post, when I save the post it saves it under that category again.
    Can you explain to me why all the messages under that category are selected and what happened.

    Thank you in advance.

    1. Dear Kristine,

      “Berichten die waren toegewezen aan de verwijderde categorie, worden daarom toegewezen aan de standaard categorie Boek Bergen Verzetten. De standaard categorie kan niet verwijderd worden.”

      The Moving Mountains category was the default category, so you have to uncheck it and then choose another category every time you build a new post. This is set in the settings.

      I created a new category “πŸ™Œ Bemoedigende Vrouwen” which I made the default in the settings just like EncouragingWomen, so you can either add another category to it, or uncheck it and choose another one.

      Let me know if you want another default category set my dear.

      1. oh my dear, i understand. So great of you to make another category, i like it😍. thank you for that.

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