MTA WP Blog Training – WPB2

***Subtitles are available for this video

NB: Please complete WPB1 first before moving on to WPB2!

WPB2-Edit your post - Part 1: Adding links, formatting text.

Please submit your assignment before or on Monday 12/04/2023.

Assignment for WPB1: WPB2/A

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12 thoughts on “MTA WP Blog Training – WPB2”

  1. Adina, after watching the video and going to try it ourselves, are we to actually post it like I did the first assignment? Or are we just to practice and not actually publish it?

    1. Hello Hope, contributors are not able to publish posts. So we are going to keep the posts as drafts and use it to practice until they reach the next level where the posts can be published.

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