MTI WP Blog Training – WPB3

**This is the first lesson for MTIΒ =Β Author, if you are currently on MTI level, please let me know if I must move you up to "Author".

***Subtitles are available for this video

WPB3.1-Adding columns, adding and linking pictures.

Assignment for WPB3: WPB3/A1

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10 thoughts on “MTI WP Blog Training – WPB3”

  1. OlΓ‘ Adina.
    Eu estou na fase de MTI.
    Fiz as liçáes de MTA.

    Hello Adina.
    I’m in the MTI phase.
    I took the MTA lessons.

    1. Hello my dear, can you please update your portfolio with the courses you completed so I can move you up?
      OlΓ‘ meu caro, vocΓͺ pode atualizar seu portfΓ³lio com os cursos que vocΓͺ completou para que eu possa movΓͺ-lo para cima?

      1. OlΓ‘.
        Estou nas liçáes de reconstruír ainda.

        I’m in the lessons of rebuilding still.

  2. Dear Adina, thank you for the video.
    I tried to insert the figures in my post here at RMIO (, but without success. The option to insert figures does not appear.
    See I recorded 2 short videos in PTG so you can see what is happening..
    Inserting figure on the PTG blog:
    Trying to insert figure in RMIOU:
    Thank you for everything.πŸŒΉπŸ™πŸ»

    1. My dear Marta, thank you so much for sharing the videos. He led me to check what level you were on in RMIOUFT and you were still contributor, I moved you up, can you please have a look now if you can add pictures? I will use your videos in a Q&A regarding this lesson.

      1. Hello dear Adina, thank you for the change, now I was able to add the figure.🌷
        Much love to you!❣️

  3. Adina, just wanted to inform you that I will get this done as He leads. My eh, mine, and my youngest birthday celebrations was this past weekend but now I am under the weather. Hopefully I can complete in the next day or so.

  4. Dear Adina,

    I got a bit stuck here: because i have still not completed all the courses needed to reach MTI i am not sure if i should continue with these trainings or wait until i do to continue with them.

    1. My dear Mira, you can continue with the MTI training as soon as you reach MTI level and can be moved up to Author level.

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