Spanish Websites Memory issues

We have been having some memory issues on our Spanish websites and this week Flywheel send me a message saying that the plugin “Cleantalk” is very memory intensive and they suggested two alternatives. The one is Antispam Bee which is free and the other one is Akismet.
We will test Antispam Bee on the Spanish websites, replacing Cleantalk and although we usually test things out on The-Praise-Report Site, as Erin shared in wisdom, this one will not work on TPR, because this website is not memory intensive.
Please agree that if this is His plan, that we replace it on all the webistes, that He will show us while we are testing and monitoring the Spanish Webistes.
Ladies of the Spanish LMF, please from on now make a note everytime you have trouble getting into your websites, each time you get the white screen and needs to refresh. Also make sure that your spam does not increase in this time so we can get the more effective plugin.
I am really so happy that He is leading us and helping us in even these little things!!!

Antispam Bee


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